Zygomatic Arch Augmentation

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m wondering how augmentation of the zygomatic arch is done. Is it possible and is it safe to do? It seems that it would not be much different than getting cheek implants.

A: Zygomatic arch augmentation is permanently done by placing an implant from inside the mouth, very much like a cheek implant. (only further back to the temporal bone in front of the ear. This is easiest and most consistently done using a remade implant as opposed to filler, fat or any other type of material injections. Zygomatic arch augmentation can be done alone or in conjunction with the cheek as an extended cheek implant. It is ideally done using a custom made implant for an exacting fit but in some cases may be able to be done using a ‘semi-custom’ approach. (semi-custom means using a custom zygomatic arch design already created for another patient) There is not that much variation in the shape or curve of the zygomatic arch amongst most people.  As you may know there is no specific zygomatic arch implant available off the shelf or premade. So zygomatic arch augmentation must be done by making the implants for each patient. (custom vs semi-custom)

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana