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Jawline Enhancement Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisThe lower third of the face is dominated by the jawline which extends from one jaw angle around a convex arch (chin) to the other. It actually covers the largest surface area of any facial bone. Aesthetically, the chin typically leads the way, however, the jaw angles located at the back often play an equally important aesthetic role. Well-defined chin and jaw angles convey a stronger facial appearance whereas weak chins and jaw angles usually project timidity and weakness. While this perception may not always be true (and often isn’t), an ill-defined jawline often makes the neck appear fuller with an obtuse neck angle. Dr. Barry Eppley stays abreast of the latest implant designs and styles in order to provide his patients with multiple options for a variety of jawline enhancements.

Chin Implants (Front Jawline Enhancement)

Extended Chin Implant Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisCentral Chin Implant Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisThe evolution of chin implants has really changed over the past decade, with many new styles and size options. The most important change is that chin implants have been extended in their shape and are no longer just small central buttons. Having an enhanced chin that flows better into the surrounding jawline is a more anatomic approach for most patients. To have a smooth transition from the chin implant to the side of the jaw, the implant must extend farther back to blend into the jawline. These newer implants are longer and more tapered at the ends, although they can still be placed through a small incision right under the chin or from inside the mouth. Because they extend farther back, they give an enhanced but natural appearance to the chin.

Jaw Angle Implants (Back Jawline Enhancement)

Jaw angle implants are among the newest facial implant options that add to what the historic chin implant can do for the jawline. A more square and well-defined jaw angle creates a stronger and sometimes an even more youthful look and can only be created with implants. Jaw angle implants can either widen the back of the jaw, make the jaw longer and more square, or both. These effects are created by different jaw angle implant style options. The implants are inserted from inside the mouth so scarring is not a concern.

Vertical Lengthening and Square Chin Implants

Square Chin Implant Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisChin implants are also available that provide vertical lengthening to the chin by adding height on the lower edge of the bone. This is a neglected area of chin augmentation in the past where the focus was exclusively on the amount of horizontal projection needed. Square chin implant styles exist for those men who want more chin width for a stronger more masculine look.

Lateral Width Jaw Angle Implants

Jaw Angle Implants (lateral width) Indianapolis Dr Barry EppleyThe historic jaw angle implant design mainly provided width only. This made the jaw angle wider and fuller only. While this was the aesthetic jaw shape needed by some patients who had a low or more normal jaw angle length and normal to low mandibular plane angle, the vast majority of deficient jaw angles have a significant vertical deficiency as well.

Vertical Lengthening Jaw Angle Implants

Vertical Lengthening Jaw Angle Implants Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisMany men who seek jaw angle augmentation have a high jaw angle location and a steep mandibular plane angle. While some width of the jaw angles may be desired, it is the addition of vertical length that makes the biggest difference in jawline shape improvement. Newer jaw angle implant styles can be designed that provide an array of vertical and horizontal dimensional changes.

Male vs. Female Chin Augmentation

Longer and extended chin implants are an improvement over the older styles in the past but not every patient that has a shorter chin needs an extended implant style. In females, an extended chin implant often creates more of a rounder and wider chin in the frontal view. This is ‘masculinizing’ for some women and may detract from whatever benefits are seen in the profile enhancement. Thus chin implants for some women may still need to consider a more central or triangular shape to keep a more narrow chin shape as its projection comes forward.

Female Jaw Angle Augmentation

Female Jaw Angle Implants result right side view Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisWhile men get jaw angle implants in far greater numbers than women, female jaw angle implant surgery is becoming increasingly more common. Driven by the prominent jawlines of female celebrities and models, the aesthetic benefits of a well defined jawline in women are being realized. Some females desire a longer and more prominent jaw angle which can be achieved by vertical lengthening jaw angle implants. This type of jaw angle change is not to be confused with that men who seek much greater flare and width to their jaw shape.

Total Jawline Enhancement

Eppley Jawline Enhancement Augmentation Dr Barry Epley IndianapolisA combination of chin and jaw angle implants can create a more complete jawline makeover. All three jaw implants are placed during the same surgery. When the three implants are added to the jawline, it must be considered how they look (flow from one implant to another) and the desired jawline shape that a patient wants. Most men will find these relationships acceptable and thus the use of standard preformed chin and jaw angle implants can be used.

View more of our jaw surgery results in our jawline enhancement surgery before and after photo gallery.

Wrap Around Jawline Implants

Male and Female Jawline Implants Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisWhile chin and jaw angle implants enhance the front and back prominences of the jaw, they do neglect the intervening bone between them as well as a more complete augmentation of the curvilinear jawline. For some patients just an improvement in the definition of the jawline or an enlargement of the jaw width would be aesthetically beneficial. New jawline implants are now available to augment the border of the jawline for greater definition and is a new aesthetic skeletal enhancement approach to a deficient or weak jawline. They are also beneficial as a complement to facelift surgery to create a more visible and stronger jawline. They are made as an off-the-shelf implant for both men (more square chin) and women. (more curved chin)

Custom Jawline Implants

Custom Jawline Implants Indianapolis Dr Barry EppleyCustom Total Jawline Implant Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisWhen piecing together chin and jaw angle implants, there usually is some overlap between the two in the body of the mandible. This creates the look of the central jawline area between the chin and the jaw angles. If some dip or indentation along the jawline is going to be unacceptable then consideration must be given to a customized “wrap-around” jawline implant. This type of jawline implant is made from a 3-D CT scan by using computer software. This can be made as a single implant or in multiple units that can be inserted in pieces and assembled when next to the bone. This approach is particularly useful when the jawline needs to be vertically lengthened (with the implant sitting on the bottom edge of the bone) the only way around the arc of the lower jaw. Custom jawline implants are also used when one has indwelling preformed chin and jaw angle implants that have not produced the desired aesthetic effect.

Before Jawline Enhancement Surgery

The consideration of any form of jawline enhancement requires a thorough pre-surgical analysis. Because the chin and the jaw angles are “edge” facial features, they are easily viewed on computer imaging technology. Each prospective jawline enhancement surgery patient undergoing chin or jaw angle implants must be assessed with computer analysis to make sure that the predicted facial changes are what the patient desires. Photographs are taken before surgery and computer imaging is provided. This is an essential step in any form of facial implant surgery, particularly in jawline implant surgery.

About Jawline Enhancement – The Operation

Jawline enhancement procedures are performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. Chin implants are inserted through a very small incision under the chin where the bone is easily reached. Some patients refer an incision-less approach for their chin augmentation and this can be done then from an incision inside the mouth. Jaw angle implants are inserted through incisions inside the mouth so there is no visible scar. Most chin implants and all jaw angle implants are secured into position with permanent small metal screws to prevent the risk of displacement or shifting. Jawline implants are often performed along with other facial structural surgeries such as rhinoplasty and cheek augmentation.

After Jawline Enhancement Surgery

A chin and face strap is almost always used after jawline surgery to control swelling and help the overlying tissues adhere to the implant and bone. After chin implant surgery, swelling is moderate, but there is usually very little if any bruising. Following jaw angle implant surgery, the swelling can be considerable, and some bruising into the neck is not uncommon. Mouth opening will also be stiff for several weeks after surgery. Sutures inside the mouth and under the chin are dissolvable and do not need to be removed.

Chin implants are extremely well tolerated and infection is very rare. Jaw angle implants are equally well tolerated, but they have a slightly higher incidence of infection due to being placed through a mouth incision. All jawline enhancement surgery patients take antibiotics for one week after surgery.

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