Male Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery for Men


Aesthetic plastic surgery has been historically dominated by women. The percentage of men in most cosmetic plastic surgery practices is small, often less than 10% of the total number of patients. And even though the number of men opting for cosmetic enhancements is increasing, their numbers will near rival that of women who have dominated cosmetic plastic surgery since its inception.


While the number of men having either surgical or non-surgical enhancements is notably less than women, men are also different than women in more than just numbers. Many cosmetic procedures are done not only uniquely different in men, but there are certain procedures that are done just for men.

Male Chest Enhancement

Male Chest Enhancement Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisThe uniqueness of male plastic surgery is best illustrated in chest enhancement. While women deal with saggy and deflated breasts, men have issues with breast enlargement (gynecomastia) and prominent nipples. Gynecomastia comes in many forms from the ‘puffy nipple’ to the development of an actual breast mound. The plastic surgery techniques used in the correction of male breast enlargement are very different from female breast reshaping in that breast tissue must be removed without prominent scarring through areolar incisions and liposuction in most cases. While women can have problems with prominent nipples, this is by far a more common male problem that manifests as problems in finding shirts that don’t show this embarrassing problem. Nipple reduction is a simple office procedure that provides a permanent solution to this pointy problem.

Women undergo breast augmentation with fluid or gel-filled implants while men have soft solid pectoral implants placed which are always completely underneath the pectoralis muscle. Women have body augmentations (breast and buttock implants) to enhance their soft tissue curves, while men have body enhancements (arms, shoulders, chest and calf implants) to create increased muscular definition and outlines.

Male Body Contouring

Male Plastic Surgery Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisMale liposuction is always done in the trunk fat depot regions of the stomach and flanks, and short of massive weight loss, rarely requires the need for skin excisions through tummy tuck or other body lifts. Women also have issues in these same regions but fat accumulations occur over a wider expanse of the body leading to liposuction being done in the arms, breasts, back, thighs, hips, buttocks, knees and even the calves and ankles. Because of pregnancies, women frequently develop the need for tummy tucks, while a male may need this only in the face of significant weight loss through bariatric surgery or diet and exercise.

Male Facial Plastic Surgery

Male Facial Plastic Surgery Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisWhile men and women face similar aging issues of the face, facial rejuvenation approaches are quite different and reflect certain anatomical needs as well as gender differences. Men undergo less facelift procedures and they must be done very carefully to hide the scars and not make visible changes to the temporal and occipital hairlines and the facial beard skin. Blepharoplasties (eyelid tucks) need to be done more conservatively and brow lifts very judiciously to avoid a ‘done’ look and over-feminizing the male face. Men do not do as much skin care and Botox and injectable fillers treatments as women and seek more definitive surgical options rather than non-surgical options that require maintenance. But when it comes to wrinkles and skin care, men seek for a natural reduction not a complete elimination of them.

Facial reshaping surgery is vastly different in men than women. Male rhinoplasty must keep a high and straight dorsal line and avoid an overly upturned tip while most women desire a smaller less projecting tip and lower dorsal lines. The shape of the face in men is dominated by a strong jaw and requests for chin, jaw angle and even total jawline enhancements are not uncommon.

Men Should Seek A Plastic Surgeon That Has Treated A Lot Of Men

Plastic surgery for men has its own unique requirements both in the type of surgeries and the demeanor of the patients. One should not assume that every plastic surgeon or plastic surgery practice is equally adept about meeting the needs of the male patient. Just like breast reconstruction for women or body contouring after massive weight loss, the male patient presents unique challenges for a satisfying surgical outcome.

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