Zerona HCG – Combining Cold Laser Technology and Hormonal Supplements for Body Contouring

Zerona is a relatively new body contouring device that uses cold laser technology to help with spot fat reduction. This can be particularly helpful for those troublesome stomach, waistline and thigh areas. Through its photochemical effect, fat cells in the path of the light energy become temporarily leaky and lose some of their contents. Through a series of painless and comfortable laser sessions over a few weeks, we have seen most patients lose a collective number of inches based on circumferential measurements taken before and after the treatments.

In weight loss management, there are numerous medications and supplements that have variable amounts of effectiveness. Adding a weight loss component to a Zerona treatment series is a logical application of combining light technology and modern pharmacology. Patients should get an enhanced result by attacking the problem simultaneously from different angles.. One of the intriguing hormonal supplements with a long history in weight loss is HCG. Once popular in the 1970s it fell into disuse until recently. It has now resurfaced as a weight loss medication and is gaining renewed use.

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone produced in pregnancy that is made initially by the developing embryo after conception (hence the positive pregnancy test) and later by the placenta. Its primary role in pregnancy is to help nourish the growing fetus by releasing the nutrients in fat from the mother’s body. This hormonal role has lead to a lot of research that has looked at its potential role in adult weight loss and obesity. While its exact role in fat metabolism can be debated, it is currently thought that it likely exerts its effect by stimulating testosterone, an anabolic hormone that causes weight loss in both men and women.

Taking small daily doses of HCG (approx. 125 IU to 200 IU) can help in the weight loss process, particularly when combined with other treatments such as Zerona and a calorie-restricted diet. When accompanied by a low calorie diet of approximately 1500 calories, HCG has emerged as a very useful adjunct. People fear dietary restriction because they know they will feel hungry or deprived. However, on HCG people do not feel the same as with the usual diets. This occurs because the HCG instructs the body to utilize fat reserves through the hypothalamus. Thus the body becomes flooded with 2000 to 3000 calories from these reserves, which along with the calorie intake, is more than sufficient to take care of one’s daily nourishment. As a result, not only do patients not feel as hungry but their energy levels stay high.

The combination of HCG with Zerona treatments creates a combination fat reducing effect. Zerona targets problem areas with its cold laser technology for spot reduction, HCG helps the body with overall fat and weight reduction. The Zerona treatments will last only several weeks but the HCG supplement and keeping your calories low is to be done for 40 days.

While liposuction surgery offers an immediate and sometimes dramatic body change, many people would prefer a less traumatic approach. Zerona HCG offers a less painful and costly approach that some people may find provides enough improvement that the thought of surgery is just that…a thought.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana