ZERONA Laser Fat Reduction – Contemporary Body Slimming

The desire to eliminate excess fat is both universal and historic. The sheer number of diet books, meal programs, and fat burning medications and supplements are a testament to what the majority of the American population would like to do. If one of these approaches was universally effective, there would not need to be so many treatment choices.

Liposuction is a proven surgical method to reduce spot areas of fat and trim down specific body areas, but it is surgery and involves expense and recovery. Lipodissolve injections are a non-surgical method of spot fat reduction but it is a slow and somewhat uncomfortable process that really works for the smallest areas of fat.

Along now comes ZERONA. Imagine a painless body slimming method that is medically proven to remove fat and inches without surgery with zero pain and downtime.  Seem too good to be true? As a weight loss method…yes. As an effective body slimming method that can shrink your tummy, hips and thighs without surgery…no.

ZERONA is uniquely different from liposuction and other body slimming methods. How does it work? Using a low frequency ‘cold’ laser that uses the 635nm wavelength, the energy passes through the skin without injury and penetrates up to 5 centimeters.  The laser energy causes the fat to emulsify through a photochemical process. Not to be confused with a photothermal (heat) or photoacoustic (vibration) method, this non-heat generating process makes the fat cells ‘leaky’. The fat cells shed their liquid fat content, now known as free-fatty acids,  which is subsequently absorbed through your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system transports it to the liver where it is processed and broken down, and most importantly, not re-circulated and stored again as fat.

ZERONA is more than just a machine, it is a process. Through a typical series of 9 treatments, up to 5  inches off of the hips, waist and thigh in two to three weeks can be achieved. But, to aid the lymphatic process, the patient must significantly increase their water intake,  and take a twice-daily niacin supplement during the treatment process. The treatment sessions require a commitment and must be done every two to three days to really be effective. Once the fat cells get leaky, you can’t let them heal themselves by missing treatments or having them too far apart. Each treatment session takes just under an hour, and is painless. Some have described them as almost ‘zen-like’ which I interpret as relaxing and non-stressful. Equally important, the patient can get up,  go and return to all regular activities without any restrictions. There is no pain, bruising, or need for restrictions,  but daily exercise (such as brisk walking, light running, or other cardio training) can increase the final results by aiding in lymph mobility.

If  you are looking for a quick, safe, and affordable way to lose some fat areas, ZERONA may be a good option. For some people, it will be an effective alternative to liposuction and may eliminate the need for liposuction procedures altogether.  For others it may not be a magic pill, but does offer a jump start to a healthier lifestyle…and along the way you may be able get back into that favorite pair of jeans.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana