Younger Men Redefining Male Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic plastic surgery has long been unintentionally gender-biased. Since the field began, the vast majority of patients who seek cosmetic enhancements, albeit it surgery or office-based treatments, have been women. Men have always made up less than 10% of most plastic surgery practices.  Hollywood would lead you to believe otherwise but it just isn’t so. The only rare exception to that has been the more recent popular treatment of laser hair reduction. When it comes to hair removal, men make up about half of the patients seen with the hairy back and shoulders being the prime targets.

But more men are finding their way into the plastic surgeon’s office in the past few years. Besides a steady increase in male numbers, what is noteworthy is the change in what what men are requesting. While there remains some traditional procedures that have always been of interest, technology, societal trends, and younger men have opened up new areas of the face and body for change and improvement. Here are four of the most popular younger male (teenage to early 40s) procedures today.

Liposuction still remains the most requested male procedure.  The culprits are always the same, the stomach and love handle areas. But most men that want liposuction are not fat and many are not even overweight. To the contrary, they are lean but have fat collections at the side of the waist and flanks. Even in men that work out regularly, those love handles can be impossible to work off. Today’s liposuction techniques can even give that ‘six-pack’ look for those leaner men that are not opposed to a little surgical cheating.

Chest recontouring is the one male plastic surgery procedure that is really on the rise. Male breast enlargement, known as gynecomastia, has always been an issue. But with increasing teenage weights and the present young male aesthetic for a completely flat and smooth chest, improvement in the male chest is sought out like never before. Even small nipple protrusions can be bothersome for the teenage male. Obvious man boobs are not desireable at any age.

Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) has always been a popular male operation and that has not changed. It is the one procedure of the face that young men are not afraid to change. Noses that are big with prominent humps and wide nasal tips are bothersome and distracting to an otherwise balanced face. Sports and recreational activities make the young male nose a good target for injury causing twisted and deviated noses that often pose problems for breathing as well.

One set of procedures that is really new and undoubtably influenced by movies and models is structural facial reshaping. Creating that chiseled and angular face is what some young men aspire to achieve. A good jawline in particular is associated with enhanced masculinity. While one perceived just as making a strong chin with an  implant, modern plastic surgery implants can be extended all the way to the back of the jaw. With the development of jaw angle implants, the jaw line can become more defined than just with a chin implant alone.  

A new generation is redefining male plastic surgery. Have a lean body, flat chest, and a nose and jaw line that creates a well defined face has probably never been out of style. But modern surgical developments make them more attainable than ever before.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana