Would Liposuction Work Instead Of A Tummy Tuck?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I want to get a flatter tummy, actually very flat. My hips may be a little big, which I can not change, but I know I can do something about my stomach. I have thought about a tummy tuck but wanted to know if a flat tummy is possible with just liposuction? If not am I a good candidate for a mini tummy tuck with less scar or do I just need a regular tummy tuck? I originally just wanted a regular tummy tuck to get rid of stretchmarks around my belly button. However, I think that if my tummy was flat by liposuction then the appearance of the stretch marks would be reduced. Does this make sense? I have attached some pictures for you to see what I look like.

A: While liposuction will reduce fat, it does not get rid of loose skin or stretch marks. It sounds like you intuitively know that a tummy tuck is a better choice but are hoping that you could get by with liposuction alone. Your gut instincts are correct. You will be happier with the results from a tummy tuck as excess skin is as much your stomach problem as fat. The debate between a full vs a mini tummy tuck is a classic one for many patients. The reality is that a full tummy tuck provides the best stomach contouring and is usually worth the extra scar length. Mini- tummy tucks are usually best in thinner women where a large skin excision would leave a very high scar placement.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana