Would Liposuction Leave My Stomach With Loose Skin After?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in liposuction or a tummy tuck, preferably liposuction though. I have had two pregnancies, seven years apart with the last one being five years ago. This has left me with loose skin and fat around my mid section. I am 38 years old and weigh 140 lbs and have a 34″ waistline measurement. I feel great, I just can’t get rid of the skin and fat around and under the naval area. I have had two abdominal surgeries in the past and skin hangs over the suprapubic scar. If I just have liposuction will I be left with flabby skin?

A: As a general rule, if one has significant loose skin on their abdomen before liposuction they will still be loose skin afterwards. While many forms of liposuction have been touted about their ability to tighten skin, the amount of skin tightening obtained is almost always far less than what patients desire. As I always tell patients, liposuction can tighten skin in the range of millimeters, however, patients are interested and need skin tightening in the range of centimeters most of the time. With loose skin around the belly button and overhanging a suprapubic scar, you would be better served by having a mini tummy tuck which would incorporate liposuction with it. Given that you already have a suprapubic scar you might as well take advantage and use the entire scar for a mini tummy tuck. It does not add that much more scar length and its ability to remove skin make it more than a worthwhile trade-off.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana