Would Jawline Augmentation Make My Face Look Slimmer?

Q: Dr. Eppley, my concerns regarding my chin/ jawline/ lower portion of my face are related to my profile and front views. From the side, I would like my jawline to look more defined, thinner and projected forward horizontally and maybe vertically as well. From the front, I would like my face to look thinner. I feel that my face from the front looks bottom heavy, I have jowls and marionette lines, even though I’m 34 and I am not, nor have I ever been, overweight-  I’m 5′ 8” and weigh 128 lbs.

I’ve have had these issues even when I was in my 20s, so I think it is more an underlying lack of bone, chin is possibly too short and/or too recessed, than an actual aging issue. I also think I have fatty deposits in my jaw/chin/neck area.  I have looked into chin implants, sliding genioplasty, and neck/chin/ jowl  liposuction. I feel that while the research has helped me to better articulate my concerns, it also has me confused as to what treatments would be most appropriate for my specific case.

I have attached some current pictures to this e-mail of my face from different angles. Could computer imaging be done to help me understand the possible outcomes and what procedures would best suit my concerns?

A: Thank you for your inquiry and sending your description of your current facial concerns to which I can make the following facial reshaping comments:

1) While jawline augmentation would provide some improved definition, particularly that of chin projection and vertical jaw angle definition, i would have concerns that this may be a contraindication to the goal of also making your face thinner. By definition jawline augmentation adds volume to achieve its effect. While the jaw angle volume would be vertical and the chin volume horizontal, I have some concerns that this may still make our face ‘heavier’ due to your natural tissue thickness anatomy.

2) The real issue that you have with your fuller face is the thickness of your tissues and the jowl sagging that has developed. This is the main component to your face looking heavier. To achieve a more heart-shaped face, which I think is largely what you mean by a thinner face, your really need a jowl tuck procedure (mini lower facelift) with jowl defatting combined with chin augmentation. (which also includes getting rid of the submental crease indication. 

3) I would consider #2 the foundational procedure. I would stay away for now from any jaw angle augmentation as the last thing you need is anything that has a risk of making the lower third of your face heavier.

While on the one hand a lower ‘facelift’ seems incongruous with your relatively young age, it is what the tissues are doing anatomically that matters not their chronological age.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana