Would I Need Fat Injections At The Time Of Cheek Bone Reduction To Keep My Face From Getting Too Narrow and Old Looking?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in getting cheekbone reductions and fat injections at the same time. I think with the cheek reductions I don’t want my face to be too narrow, long and look too old. Does this make sense to you? Also where are the incisions for the cheek reductions? I know that these are uncommon surgeries for Americans so what is your experience with them?

A: My recommendation is that you wouldn’t do fat injections at the same time. That would be counterproductive. The reason is cheek bone reduction, at its best, can never make your face too long or sunken in. The procedure never overshoots the goal, at best it will underachieve. There is a limit as to how far the cheek and zygomatic arch can be moved inward…it is known as the masseter and temporalis muscles. That is what lies underneath the width of the arch so they are a rate-limiting step as to how much facial narrowing in this area can be achieved. Therefore, I think the idea of simultaneous cheek fat injections is both presumptuous and unnecessary This is a good example of the plastic surgery principle…let the results prove that you need more surgery.

Cheekbone reductions, as I have described, are done from two approaches. The front part from inside the mouth and the back part from a small incision in the temple hairline.

You are correct in assuming that almost all cases of cheek bone reductions are in Asians. (although I have done one Caucasian patient to date) No one’s experience in the U.S. is extensive with this procedure since the demand is so low. But this is a cosmetic procedure that has its origins in cheek bone fracture repair and reconstruction of which a plastic surgeon with extensive craniomaxillofacial experience is very familiar.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana