Would I Benefit From A Custom Jawline Implant?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a consultation with another doctor who also does facial implants. He told me that I have a flat jaw and that through the x ray he can improve on this and I think make it sharper, not sure…..Can you do this too?

Heres a pic I just took now. I think he looked at the xray and the jawline went straight but then there was a disconnect. He said he could perform surgery for this. Can you do this?

I want this in addition to the facial implants

Side note: I have holes in my skull following browbone ffs shaving. Can a facial implant be used to cover this? Thanks.

Also I was considering an implant on my head as my head at the back is flat thanks a lot!!

A:The question is not whether you can have a change in your jaw shape or whether that is best done with a custom jaw implant (from a 3D CT scan) as those type of procedures I do every day…but what type of change are you seeking that looks better to you. Thus the firsr step in any form of facial structural change is to do some computer imaging to determine the patient’s aesthetic goals. To begin that determination I have attached some initial imaging. (although be aware that in such assessments all three facial angles must be considered, not just the side view.

Holes in the bone after a brow bone flap setback are defects into the frontal sinus. Implants are generally not appropriate for covering them since they are exposed to the sinus cavity in which the risk of infection exist. The more appropriate coverage material is hydroxyapatite bone cement to fill them and smooth over the bone.

A custom jawline can be done with a custom skull implant during the same surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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