Would I Benefit Better from Standard or Custom Temporal Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in the head/ temple and jaw widening procedure. I know you have designed some jaw angle and temple implants for mass market use. As I would most likely not want to have another CT scan done do to multiple scans within the past few years from an unrelated accident. My timeline for surgery would most likely be mid next year. My questions are as follows : 

As I do have hollowed temples, would I need both front and side temporal implants or would the sides cover correctly this ? 

What would a ballpark figure be for said surgery with custom vs implantech implants? 

I know this may be a lot to ask but numbers do not have to be precise 

Thanks and kind regards

A: Thank you for your inquiry. In answer to your questions:

1) Standard temporal implants are for hollowing that exist by the side of the eye in the non-hair bearing area. How that applies to your situation its unknown since I don’t now what you look like.

2) The term ‘jaw widening;’ can mean either just the jaw angle areas only or could be the whole jawline. Like #1 without knowing what you mean exactly I can say whether those goals are achievable with standard or only custom designs.

While my assistant is happy to provide costs of surgery, it is not clear whether standard or custom implants are best in your case. I need more information (pictures and your exact goals) to provide a qualified answer.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana