Would Cheek Reduction Help Narrow My Face?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am contacting you in relation to an inherited issue with width of the zygoma and my face more generally. When my face is viewed from a perpendicular angle it is quite clear to see that zygomatic area adds width of 1cm either side of the face. Now I am not sure whether this is to do with lateral projection but given that I have quite small eyes, it makes the facial features appear too small for the width of my face. I know that zygomatic width is an issue that people of Asian ethnicity usually suffer from and that a reduction malarplasty can to some extent tackle it. But my question is to what extent is that feasible given that the width of the face is an issue in relation to the forehead as well, is it the case that the skull base will likely simply be too wide or can the forehead be tackled simultaneously? Is what I am seeking actually capable of being done?

A: If I understand your inquiry correctly, your question is whether zygomatic arch reduction in your case would be beneficial. The zygomatic arch is a separate entity from the skull base so it can be reduced. The question is whether a 5mm to 7mm cheek (zygomatic)reduction per side would be beneficial. I would question that given that the temporal fullness is also adding width which can not be reduced. So in the spirit of an overall facial narrowing, I would not be enthusiastic that such an endeavor for you would be highly beneficial.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana