Would Cheek Implants Or Buccal Lipectomies Be Better For Me?

Q: I have been researching how to make my cheek area look better as it seems to be kind of flat and has no cheek highlights, plus my face is a little round. It seems I have two choices, cheek implants, buccal fat removal or some combination. In my research I have reading that cheek augmentation would be better than the buccal fat removal as far as years down the road as I may not like it and it may look like I am older than I really am. Just doing some research on this subject. What is your opinion? Thanks for your help.

A: Both cheek implants and biccal lipectomies do impact on the appearance of the midface. While they are in close proximity, they create different midface effects. Buccal fat removal decreases the fullness below the cheekbone area. If the complete buccal fat pad is removed then a gaunt look may eventually appear is some patients. The key is subtotal reduction, particularly in someone who does not have a ‘fat’ or round face. Cheek implants create a different effect as it brings out the prominence of the bone above the buccal fat area. These can be not so subtle differences and you have to look and play with your own face to see whether more cheek or less fullness below it is better. They are not necessarily interchangeable procedures. Whether one is better than the other, or whether a combination of both is best, is determined by one’s facial shape and must be decided on an individual basis

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana