Would Acell Matristem Be Helpful In Healing Facial Implant Removal?

Q: I was wondering if you had any experience using Acell Matristem tissue regeneration products? It is the stuff that was used to regrow finger tips, for scar revision/removal, and now in hair transplants. The reason I ask is because I have a medpor jaw implant and was considering having it removed but I understand that one of the difficulties with this is soft tissue damage. I’m under the assumption that the Matristem product would make this a non-issue but I wanted to know what your thoughts and possible experience has been with it.

A: I have used Acell Matristem and am very familiar with its working properties and its results. I have also revised and/or removed many Medpor facial implants and do not their removal as problematic as many suggest. They are not difficult to remove and do not leave behind significant soft tissue damage or tissue loss. They are only ‘difficult’ when you compare them to silicone facial implants which slide right out. So that assessment is a comparative one.

Your consideration of Acell particle implantation at the time of facial implant removal I assume is to repair the soft tissue damage left behind. That can certainly be done and may or may not be of benefit. If your intent is to implant Acell in the hope that it can replace the volume lost by removing the implant would not be a reasonable expectation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana