Would A Vertical Chin Reduction Have Helped My Neck Liposuction Result Look Better?

Q:  Hello Dr Eppley,  I’m just writing to thank you for the great information you have posted on vertical chin reduction. I’ve always had a long chin and had liposuction on my neck 3 years ago. Afterwards it made my chin longer. I don’t know if it just looks that way or something was done to actually make my chin longer if that makes sense. In any event I’m too afraid to do anything about it, but thank you so very much for providing the great information on your site.

A: The neck liposuction did its job by making the neck less full and improving the neck-chin (cervicomental) angle. But having a long chin to start with by your admission, the improved neck shape has unmasked the chin area and made it look longer. That is actually an optical illusion. But an illusion that aesthetically does not work in your favor. When considering neck changes, it is always important to not overlook the chin area as the two work together to contribute significantly to one’s facial profile. Doing computer imaging would have revealed what neck liposuction alone would look like. It likely would have shown that vertical chin reduction was just as important to an improved facial profile as was the neck fat removal.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana