Would A Total Lower Jaw Augmentation Be Better Than Just A Larger Chin Implant?

Q: Dr. Eppley,I did have a small size chin implant inserted several years ago which I am very happy with. I think a larger one would leave me with a boxy chin. I do not want to try to look younger either. But I do feel I have a somewhat weak lower facial profile and I wish it were otherwise. 

I had the thought that bringing the lower jaw forward a little and slight lengthening of the lower face could be a solution but I am unsure. I do not think a larger chin implant by itself will provide the answer. I have read many on articles on your website and on Real Self online. As example, “What Can Be Done To Give My Face More Of A Sculpted Masculine Look?” “What procedures could I do to make my face more masculine (low straight eyebrows, defined jawline and chin)?” “The Vertical Lengthening Custom Jawline Implant – Making the Lower Face Longer.” I have a lot of respect for your expertise and aesthetic eye in these matters which is why I contacted you to arrange a consultation. 

I do feel a stronger profile would help. And a face with stronger features is an investment I am very interested in. What procedures would you suggest I do to obtain this stronger profile and perhaps more handsome appearance.

A: Thank you for your inquiry and sending all of your pictures as well as congratulations in finding that second career. You are correct in that in the congenitally smaller lower jaw a modest chin implant provides improvement and looks natural. However when a larger chin implant is placed it becomes out of proportion to the small jawjine behind it and looks unnatural. Thus enlarging the whole lower face through total jaw augmentation is an appropriate consideration. The key to total jaw augmentation is still not to go too large and I have attached what I would consider one version of a reasonable jaw augmentation effect. One of the side benefits of total jaw augmentation in the older male is that it picks up loose skin in the neck and with the more evident transition between the face and neck (more visible jawline) a bit of a necklift is achieved as well.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana