Would A Chin Implant or A Chin Osteotomy Be Better For My Desired Chin Appearance?

Q:  While I don’t think that I am bad looking, I feel that my jaw line is weak and small. My receding chin greatly distracts from my features and I am hoping a jaw and chin augmentation can help balance my lower face and give me a stronger, more masculine appearance. Ideally I would like to substantially increase my chin size horizontally, to or past my lower lip when viewed in profile as well as add vertical length as my chin is rather short. I also desire to add horizontal width and volume as well as increased vertical length when viewed from the front, or in other words a more “squared” appearance. Along with my pictures, I’ve included a rough depiction of what I am trying to achieve. The altered versions are a “goal” and perhaps you can tell me if they are realistic or not. The problem is I realize extending my chin out this far requires substantially augmentation (probably around 12-15 mm) and don’t really know if my goals are realistic. I’ve been researching your website and understand you do chin osteotomy in conjunction with chin implants. Would this be a possibility? If so are there greater risks in terms of potential nerve damage and bone resorption? Also, with such an invasive surgery, are there any long term complications after say a decade or more?

A: Your own predictive computer imaging is greatly helpful and shows exactly what you want to achieve. I could not have the done the imaging any better myself. Because you desire both horizontal and vertical chin lengthening and are a very young man, I would recommend a chin osteotomy which does a better job of such combined dimensional changes. The chin can probably be advanced about 12mms or so and that should be enough to get that look. The chin can become more squared with an osteotomy by splitting the downfractured chin bone and expanding it apart to create more width. As you mentioned, an implant can also be added to the front of the chin osteotomy to create the same effect. I would have to see intraoperatively which would work the best.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana