Would A Breast Augmentation Revision Help?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in a breast augmentation revision. My original breast implamt surgery was about a year ago. I feel like I paid to have big saggy boobs. I wanted a “fake” look and I don’t think my doctor was listening to me. When I lay down they fall to the sides. I have saline implants (500ccs overfilled) under the muscle. I have three kids so they were deflated beforehand and a little saggy. They don’t look horrible now but they are not what I wanted. I waned a very full upper. I think they look natural and I don’t like that. Attached are some pictures of my breasts from today.

A: In breast augmentation revision, it is extremely important to know from where you and where you want to go from here..and then determine if it is realistic and how it might be achieved. You obviously had some significant sagging beforehand so the implants have merely taken what you had and make it bigger…filling out the deflated breast mound. This leaves you with larger breasts that still have some sag and not the upper pole fullness that you want. You have three options for a breast augmentation revision. One is to simply place bigger implants. With indwelling 500ccs implants (let’s say 550 since they are overfilled), it would have to be a minimum of 250cc size increase to be significant and ‘fake’ looking. Even bigger implants will not lift up your breasts higher on your chest wall. This approach just gives you bigger breasts that through a volume increase would provide some greater upper pole fullness. The second option would be to keep your current breast implants and do a lift, putting them higher-up on your chest which would make them look rounder and higher. This will create scars to do so and would be challenging to do with your tight skin and keep your current size implants. Given the current shape and position of your breasts, the prospect of scars on your breasts does not seem justified even though they are somewhat low and still a little saggy. Lastly, you can just aim to keep them from falling to the sides so much.You can tighten the pocket (lateral suture capsule tightening) to keep them from falling to the sides. This would only improve but one problem that you currently see in your breast augmentation result.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana