With A Drooping Lower Lip Should I Get A Chin Implant Or A Sliding Genioplasty?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I would like to improve my side profile of my mouth area and would love to consult with you virtually if possible. 

I am considering a Lip Lift. As well as a Bottom Lip reduction + Chin Implant to address droopy, hanging lip that exposes the bottom gum when mouth is at rest. I also am aiming to address the pronounced outward appearance of the upper mouth. 

Am I a candidate for these procedures ? I have visited 3 orthodontists in the past who have said that I do not have dental issues.

A: Thank you for your inquiry and sending your pictures. What you have is a smaller recessed chin, a large by sagging lower lip and a general bimaxillary dentoalveolar protrusion. (but with a good bite. While your general concepts about treating these are are correct there are some changes to them that would be better:

1) A sliding genioplasty would be far better than an implant when you have a short chin with lower lip incompetence. (sag) A lower lip reduction can be done at the same time. (see attached imaging)

2) I would be very cautions about a traditional upper lip lift when you have lip incompetence (lower lip sag) as that works against improving that issue.

3) You can not improve your bimaxillary dentoalveolar protrusion (pronounced mouth protrusion) with extensive presurgical orthodontics and major double jaw surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana