Will My Own Designed Custom Facial Implants Fit My Face?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I designed a custom implant prototype on a 3D modelling software called Tinkercad. I designed a nose implant prototype and a jaw implant prototype. The files are .stl format and I would like to send them to you for viewing. I would like to know if the implants are possible to instal over my natural nose bone and natural jaw bone using a custom silicone implant? The .stl files don’t account for dead space and don’t include a facial x-ray for exact measurements, so I will have to work on it with you. I have had previous work done. I have had 2 modest nose jobs in my home town. I have also had a standard chin implant installed, as well as chin and jaw filler. These need to be removed prior to surgery. My goal is to fully customize my surgery so I don’t have to keep getting work done without a clear end goal and so I don’t have to keep injecting filler which my body metabolizes very quickly. My goal is to have a more symmetrical face and a face that meets the rule of thirds of facial aesthetics.

A: As a general statement your designed nose and jaw implants are guidelines for doing formal custom implant designs done on your actual 3D CT scan. Your general implant designs are not going to fit your existing bone structure. But I would be happy to look at what you have designed so far.

As another general statement the nose is not a very good place for implants unless they are small and restricted to the nasal dorsum. It is a thin tissue coverage areas which means an excessive pressure placed by implants are going to cause complications.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana