Will Vertical Chin Lengthening Decrease A Deep Labiomental Fold?

Q: Dr. Eppley,Hello I am interested in surgery to my chin. I want to increase vertical height, reduce the depth of the labiomental fold and if possible decrease horizontal projection. I have been advised this is not possible as my horizontal projection is caused my muscle and fat and it is too complicated to surgically remove this. Can you please give me your opinion? It’s worth noting that I have filler in my lips, if the lower lip filler is contributing to the downward turn of the lower lip, increasing the harshness of the labiomental fold?

A: By definition when the vertical height of the chin is increased the labiomental fold will get less deep and, if the vertical lengthening is done by wedge or hinge opening some horizontal projection will be decreased as a result. These effects are related to the amount of vertical lengthening done, the greater the vertical lengthening the more profound these effects become..

Whether the lower lip filler is contributing to the depth of the labiomental fold (which I doubt) should be known to you as what did the fold look like before you ever had lip filler placed.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World Renowned Plastic Surgeon