Will This Method Of Waist Narrowing Work?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have an idea of how to get smaller waist in addition to rib removal, lipo etc… Dont know if it would be possible.. 

Do you know if it would it be possible to draw the lower parts of the sides of the rib cage closer together to form a wasp V shaped tiny waist? Would the ribs be flexible enough to be drawn closer? Instead of wearing a corset for 3 years to form some sort of V shape, would it be possible in one go to draw them closer in a plastic surgery procedure? Using a resorbable material in the middle, to hold the sides together, yet at the same time be able to breathe perfectly fine?

From pectus escavatum videos it seems like the ribs are movable to a certain degree…. as long as its possible to squeese the ribs sides closer this should be possible? I mean women centuries ago wore corset all the time and ribs got shaped… to form a wasp waist… I don’t know of any plastic procedure to create a wasp waist other than ribs removal… yet I am looking for an even more extreme V shaped waist. I don’t like wearing corsets, so Im looking for an other way. 

Also… would it be possible to have an internal corset made of a biocompatible reabsorable scaffold under the skin, in addition to rib removal, and ribs set closer together? I just think tiny waists are so beautiful:) 


A: Thank you for your inquiry and putting forth your idea on a method to make the waistline smaller. Unfortunately the attached ribs are not particularly flexible so they can not be bent inward during surgery or held in such a fashion by any internal support means. There is also the issue of acute compression on the lung space (which is not affected when they are expanded outward like during the Nuss procedure which actually improves the lung space) Corseting works because of very long term pressure molding…somewhat similar to how orthodontic appliance pressure is able to move teeth through bone.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana