Will The SPAIR Breast Reduction Method Work For Me?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Thank you for your prompt response and for clearing up the periareolar technique. I have heavy breasts so it sounds like the liposuction might not be enough for me. Do you perform the SPAIR technique? As you can see, I am trying not to have a lot of scarring. I know that it’s inevitable and I’m realistic just trying to avoid as much as I can. I have learned alot from your web site and appreciate it greatly.

A: What I was implying is that some scar must come off from around the areola to achieve a breast reduction/lift. However, no woman wants anymore breast scars that they have to have. There is where the SPAIR technique comes into play, a method which I am familiar and endorse. This is a combination of American and European breast reduction methods. The SPAIR acronym means a Short Scar Peri-areolar Inferior Pedicle Reduction technique. This methods reduces the breast scar load to about 50% of the traditional anchor method by eliminating the entire horizontal crease scar. While this is the least conspicuous of the three locations of the anchor breast reduction scar (peri-areolar, vertical and horizontal scars), any scar reduction is a benefit. As long as the amount of breast reduction stays in the range of about 500 to 1500 grams (where about 90% of all breast reduction weights are), I find that it works well.

Dr. Barry Eppley