Will The Injectable Cranioplasty Approach Work For Reshaping My Forehead?

Q: I am interested in making my forehead more vertical and round. I also want to have more height and width of the top of the skull. Do you think this is possible using the injectable Kryptonite method? I have attached some pictures for you to see the shape of my forehead. Let me know what you think.

A: Thank you for sending your pictures. I think I understand completely your forehead shaping objectives which would involve a cranioplasty fill of the forehead to make it more vertical from the brows up in profile (increased convexity) and to add width in the frontal view.  This fill, in essence, is really to camouflage the slight brow bone prominence you have and will make the entire forehead more smooth and confluent. I have attached some imaging which is limited by the quality of the images you sent but I think it conveys the objectives.

In achieving this result, I do not think the injectable approach is best. It will take a prohibitive amount of material (cost wise) and the shaping must be perfect to have a happy end result. The evolution of the injectable cranioplasty approach is not quite far along  in terms of experience to reliably give the best result for this more complex reshaping of a very visible facial area.Therefore, an open approach is best using PMMA (acrylic). That will allow an adequate amount of material to be used at a reasonable cost and get the best shape and smoothness of the forehead augmentation. The open cranioplasty approach in a male, however, is limited by the willingness of the patient to accept a scalp scar.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana