Will Temporal Implants Make My Head Look More Square?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I recently spoke to you regarding jaw implants. I am still in the process of getting custom jaw implants done, however, I’ve decided with my surgery I would also like to get temporal implants. I read your notes (very helpful) on this surgery and I want to know if temporal implants for men will achieve a square top half of the head… similar to how jaw implants make the bottom half of the face more square. After having jaw and cheek implants I’ve noticed that my temples look sunken in and my face doesn’t look normal when my hair is brushed back. I guess Im wanting to know that the goals I’m wanting are achievable with this implant. I also find that I can’t wear short male hair styles that can make the face look square and masculine because my temples sink in a bit. 

A: The answer to your question is all in how the implants are designed and at what tissue level they are placed. Traditional preformed temporal implants go into the hollows between the hairline and the eyes under the fascia and on top of the muscle. I get the impression that your temporal concerns are more towards the mid-temporal area back in the hairline and upwards toward the top of the head where it transitions into the horizontal skull plane. Augmentation of this area requires custom implants that need to be placed above the fascia in the ear area that extends upward to the temporal line to create that effect.

I would, however, really need to see some pictures of your temporal concerns to provide a more qualified answer.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana