Can I Get More Penis Exposure With Suprapubic Liposuction?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a buried penis problem and was wondering if liposuction of the pubic mound would help. I have always been obese, my last 12 yrs I have been morbidly obese. I remember my penis has always been small I have had sex many times but is very uncomfortable. Normally I have to choose an small lady, but I can remember seeing it better when I was not as obese as I am now. I can feel the erections coming from way inside under the fat and if I push the fat back the penis will pop out .. I can only push so much that I am able to grab it with a full fist not including the head. But if I was to push more I can see that I have an average penis and of course if I don’t push that fat back it goes all the way in and can’t be seen.

A:  The buried penis problem is usually multifactorial in what causes it. Certainly a large suprapubic fat pad is one easily identifiable cause and in the obese male can be the major factor. The shape of the suprapubic mound must be looked at carefully to see whether loose skin hanging down may also be a cause in addition to the fat content of the mound. These helps makes the determination as to whether liposuction alone or liposuction combined with a pubic lift may be needed. The other factor in the buried penis is that the penis itself may be part of the problem as well. It may be naturally small or may be tethered down by fibrosis. It may need to be released as well.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana