Will Smartlipo Fix My Saggy Arms?

Q: I am interested in SmartLipo on the upper arms. I have lost over 100 pounds with lap band surgery and would still like to lose some additional weight. I was wondering about the effectiveness of having the liposuction while still planning and needing to lose weight. I may want to have additional procedures in the future but would like to get my arms now if that is feasible.

A: When it comes to losing a lot of weight, the arms in women will always show the result of that effort…with sagging ‘bat wings’ in many patients. The use of liposuction for the treatment of saggy upper arms (back of the arms or triceps area) is not the right treatment approach. Liposuction only removes fat and not skin. The problem in the weight loss arm problems is about 85% to 90% skin. Therefore, what you really need is an arm lift or brachioplasty. This is where all the loose skin on the back of the arm is removed with the trade-off of a long scar. What undoubtably drew you to Smartlipo for your arms is the perception that it can tighten skin. This is a frequently touted property of laser liposuction. While Smartlipo can tighten skin, it does so as measured in millimeters. Patients, however, want and need centimeters of skin tightening. Simply put Smartlipo can not tighten the skin on the back of arms, it needs to be cut off.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana