Will Skull Reduction Raise My Eyebrows?

Q: Dr. Eppley, in the future I want to get skull reduction surgery. My neurocranium is rather large and I understand the reduction is limited. My three main questions are will this lower the hairline sightly because of excess skin, will it raise my eyebrows, and what kind of scarring is left behind and can the scar heal permanently ? As male, I like the positioning of my eyebrows, close to my eye, and I do not want the eyebrow position to change. And I have always had a high hairline, and getting forehead reduction surgery is not option because I might go bald when I’m older. So I was wonder if this surgery does the trick. I saw a picture of a women undergoing this treatment on your website and her hairline lowered. So I was wondering if she got a forehead reduction from the skull reduction surgery?

A: In answer to your skull reduction questions:

1) I have not seen the frontal hairline lowered in skull reductions. I am not sure to which patient you refer.

2) I have not seen the eyebrows raise from skull reductions, that is potentially an issue in large skull augmentations.

3) The incision used and the resultant scarring left behind depends on what type of skull reduction procedure it is.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana