Will Scar Revision Improve My Bad Scalp Scar From Hair Transplantation?

Q: Hello, I had a hair transplantation done about 6 years ago which left me with a terrible strip Scar on the back of my head. Because of the failure of the hair transplant, I now shave my head smooth and this scar is particularly noticeable. Getting the hair transplant was the worst decision I ever made in my life.  I am trying to get to a scar revision to reduce the size and appearance of the scar.Is it possible to get good results? I have attached pictures of my scar. What is the best procedure available?

A: Thank you for sending pictures of your hair harvest scar. Admittedly it is not a good looking scar from this procedure as it is very long and wide and the suture or staple marks are quite evident. It is also unusual in that is obliquely oriented which was undoubtably done to get the most follicles for the transplant but poor orientation for good scar formation.

Most certainly, this scar should be able to be substantially improved with scar revision. The length and orientation of it can not be changed but it can be made much thinner. In that regard, scar revision can offer improvement. The scar must be cut out completely but the key to a narrower result is what is done underneath. The galea deep to the follicles must be released and undermined so the scalp can come together without much if any tension. Tension is the enemy of any scar narrowing effort. The deep layers are put together to take tension off of the skin. The sutures to close the skin are merely put in help it heal quickly but will not ward off tension on the closure line. The skin must also be handed gently to avoid injuring any hair follicles. Loss of hair in the scalp equates to a wide and noticeable scar.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana