Will PRP Injections Make My Lower Eyelid Wrinkles Better?

Q: I have been reading about PRP and have a few questions. Do you use PRP by itself (not with fat injections) to the under eye area? Which company do you use for the PRP? (Or do you always extract from patient?) I have had a lower blepharoplasty and revision on it due to a scar line that retracted and I still sees crepyness.  I do not want surgery again, but would consider just PRP injections to try to smooth skin out.  I have done some research on the internet and I thinks this might be right for me.

A: PRP, known as platelet-rich plasma, is an extract from a patient’’s own blood. It ends up being a concentration of platelets, which helps the blood clot, but are prepared for this use because they are a rich source of growth factors. Their value in healing, and specifically plastic surgery, is undergoing a lot of current investigation. Although very promising and appealing, it is not yet clear how and whether it makes certain plastic surgery procedures better as a result of using it.

Using it to help improve wrinkling on the lower eyelids, whether one has had a previous blepharoplasty or not, is certainly not a proven treatment. It is difficult to see how injecting PRP under the skin can help reduce wrinkles. This strikes me as hopeful but far from proven science. Because of its potential wound healing benefits due to its growth factor component, it is tempting to view PRP injections as a ‘magic elixir’ that can be put anywhere for any reason and better outcomes are assured. This is not the case. Remaining lower eyelid wrinkles after blepharoplasty are better treated by an old and less glamorous treatment, a chemical peel. Not seemingly high tech but it is proven as  an effective wrinkle reducer.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana