Will Pectoral Implants Make My Chest As Big As I Want?

Q:  I am interested in getting pec implants. I have always had a very flat chest with little muscle definition at all. I have done a lot of chest exercises but I have not seen a lot of improvement or at least the amount that I want. I have tried protein supplements, testosterone and even some human growth hormone but I just can’t get the size of pecs that I want. This has brought me to the conclusion that the only way I am going to get there is with an implant. Do you think pec implants will finally help me get what I want?

A: There is no question that pectoral implants will increase the perceived size of your pectoral muscles. Increasing the bulk of the muscle is what they do best from their subpectoral or under the muscle position as they push the muscle forward. Implants are not quite as good as improving pectoral muscle definition with the exception of the lower lateral pectoral border. The question you are really asking probably relates more to implant projection…or how big can the pectoral muscles be made to look.

Pectoral implants have, at most, up to 3 cms. of projection or forward push of the muscle. How significant that is depends on how thick the muscle is to start with. In other words, a flat chest with a thinner pectoralis muscle will show more but it will not be a ‘bodybuilder-like’ result. An already thicker pectoralis muscle in someone who is fairly developed will have a much more prominent result.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana