Will Paranasal Implants Improve The Soft Tissue Bulges At The Side Of My Nose?

Q: Dr. Eppley, thank you or your understanding and expertise, but I value my frontal face angle more than my side so I don’t mind altering the profile. Like I said I wanted to reduce my cheek size when I smile but you explained that wasn’t possible. How about the soft tissue bulges at the side of my nose when static (as seen in the pictures),  can they be fixed with cheek implants/paranasal as I desire a more robust frontal look like the model? Can the cheek implant alone stretch that area so that light hits the malar area instead of my midface or will paranasal be required too. Finally can implants in my face cause my cheeks to pop out more when I smile? If this is possible then I would like to schedule a consultation to discuss more about this. 

Thank you 

A: While paranasal/midface implants can push the tissues forward along the side of the nose I can not say whether that would be enough to flatten the bulges to which you refer. In theory it should…but that remains an as yet unproven theory in your case. 

Whether cheek implants can stretch the soft tissues to change the soft tissue highlights would be heavily dependent on their shape and size. That is another one where that should be possible but not completely predictable.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana