Will Orbital Rim Implants Raise Up My Lower Eyelids?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am 42 years old and i have just one concern about my eyes showing a bit too much sclera and lack of support of lower eye lids…i had fillers injected but I must say that the improvemnet was mild to non existant and did little for the scleral show even if the lateral volume was improved. Also fillers tend to be pulled by gravity and the infraorbital fillers the shifts and becomes more of a feminized cheek implant. I was imagining that infraorbital rims will be more precise and long lasting. Also I was wondering if the rim itself will push the lower eyelid enough to show les sclera or if it would be better to tighten up the sides as well. I always found that I look much better when I squint slightly which makes me believe this is what i need…how natural doesthis procedure look? is it a spectacular change? Do rim implants shift as easily as jaw angles? Thank you

A: The position of the lower eyelid is affected by many factors but one of the most significant is the amount of bony support from the lower orbital rim. Adding permanent volume through an implant is a logical choice. The amount of volume added is dependent on the style and size of the infraorbital rim implant. Regardless of the implant, tightening the lower lid through a lateral canthoplasty is always advised/done. Moving the level of the lower eyelid up is never an easy task but the combination of infraorbital rim implants and canthoplasties gives the best chance for that to occur. Since I always screw the orbital rim implants in, like all facial implants, I have never seen implant shifting.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana