Will My Lower Buttock Lift Scars Improve?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I recently had lower buttock lifts performed and I am concerned. I had a  banana roll deformity and I had the skin removed and a scar line created. At two months after surgery there are ripples by the incision line. While the incision line is thin I can’t help but notice, feel and see the rippling effect. I am using topical oil and silicone strips but nothing seems to change. I’ve contacted my surgeon and he says everything will be fine but after reading and seeing the pictures of your case studies I can’t help but think that I’ve ruined my body. Would you kindly tell me if this will go away. I’ve been nursing my scars for the past two months and it’s caused me considerable stress. I realize your assistance is a lot to ask so if you can find the time to be honest and realistic I would appreciate a second opinion on the scarring and healing process of these longer than expected incisions. Thank you for your time in advance and thank you for being so diligent in posting the case studies.

Lower Buttock Lift Dr Barry Eppley back viewA: A Lower buttock lift places scars that should be placed in the infragluteal location. If well done they should not extend beyond the natural buttock crease so it is not visible from the sides. I am not sure why the incision is longer than you expected provided your surgeon was very clear before surgery as to its location and extent. The rippling to which you refer I can not tell based on your description as to whether this is along the incisional closure edges or are from skin ripples that parallel the scar. This distinction is important as one may improve with more time (incisional rippling) while the other (skin ripples) will not. I would need to see pictures of the lower buttocks to better answer your question as to the fate of these ripples.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana