Will My Infraorbital Nerve Symptoms Improve After The Placement of Extended Infraorbital Implants with SOOF Lift?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’ve had extended infraorbital implants with SOOF lift but unfortunately there have been nerve complications with a permanent change in sensation most likely relating to the infraorbital nerve, My upper lip is worst off with a sharp painful feeling when stretched or pressured. The lip is a bit numb but also very sensitive to sharp stimuli like when I bite it. The left side is much worse than the right and a part of it gives off a strange feeling including increased sensitivity to cold and heat. The rest of the areas controlled by the infraorbital nerves, the frontal midface, side of the nose, lower eyelids etc. are numb with occasional weird sensations that come and go. Again the left side is much worse and reacts weirdly with temperature often spreading throughout the area. 

What could cause this, might it be pressure from the implants, scar tissue or perhaps I was unlucky and the nerves have been permanently damaged somehow? Can I hope that this might be treated or are these symptoms telling you that the damage is permanent? 

Thank you.

A: As you have correctly surmised these are infraorbital nerve symptoms. Whether they are due to compression from the implants or from the dissection in placing them is impossible to know by description. You did not say how long ago the surgery was or what the trajectory of change has been since surgery, if any, has occurred. If there has been no improvement since surgery your options would include removal/adjusting the implants to be certain they are not compressing the nerve (a 3D CT scan looking at implant placement would be extremely helpful) and wrapping the nerves with fat grafts to help them heal/recover would be the action steps indicated.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana