Will My Custom Pectoral Implant Placed For Poland’s Syndrome Ever Need to Be Replaced?

Dr. Eppley, I hope all is well! It has been right about a year since our procedure on my custom pectoral implant for Poland’s syndrome! 

Just wanted to give you an update and let you know everything healed great and as a personal trainer, I am back to lifting 5-7 times per week and am stronger than I have ever been! 

I have attached some photos below to provide some visuals!! 

I also wanted to ask about your recommendation for how long the implant will typically last? And when you recommend getting it redone? 

Thanks again so much for your help! 

A: Besides that it is impressive that the implant has done so well, your body builder efforts are equally impressive! That is a solid silicone implant so it will never degrade, breakdown or need to be replaced. It will never need to be redone unless there is something from an aesthetic standpoint you want go improve. But other than that I would leave it alone, both it and you are doing well.

As an aside I always wondered how well a pectoral implant, in the presence of lack of muscular coverage over much of the implant and exposed to truly strenuous activities after surgery, would do. I believe you have adequately answered that question.

Good to hear from you and glad to see and hear you are doing well,

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana