Will My Chin Sag If My Chin Implant Is Removed?

Q: I just had a large chin implant placed two weeks ago with neck liposuction. I didn’t really feel I needed the implant in tyhe first place as I had a good chin. The implant is way too large and I don’t like how it feels. I am going to have it removed and I understand there can be sagging skin or nerve damage. Please please give me your advice as to what I can do to correct the sagging skin or rippling in the event that it does occur.

A: The first thing that I can say is it is only two weeks after surgery so there is still swelling, so it is hard to say yet that it may be too large. Also, it is very common to have a chin that feels stiff and wooden for weeks after surgery. This is a very unnatural feeling but it will eventually pass by six to eight weeks after surgery. So whether your feelings about the chin implant would be the same two months from as they are today is hard to say. Since I have no pictures of you, either before and after surgery, it is impossible for me to comment on whether the chin implant should or should not be removed.

That being said, if you are convinced that the chin implant needs to be removed then the sooner the better. The less time the chin soft tissues are stretched out the better. I would have no concern about nerve damage as removal does not cause that problem. It is all about whether the tissues will shrink back down without developing a sag. This problem can usually be averted by doing some soft tissue suspension during the implant removal.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana