Will My Chin Pad Develop Loose Tissue If I Downsize My Chin Implant?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Last February I underwent chin augmentation surgery using a personalized peek implant. I chose to have an implant rather than a genioplasty because, having also had an asymmetry of the chin, in addition to increasing the forward projection of the chin, I wanted to correct the asymmetry and the custom made system seemed like the best solution but unfortunately I am not satisfied with the results.

I had an implant with an advancement of 14mm, perhaps a little too much, this advancement created a greater projection of the chin which was the result I wanted but compared to before the surgery the chin also gives the impression of being vertically longer In reality, the height of the implant is only 1mm but I believe that the shape of my chin bone combined with the notable forward projection that I have had gives the visual impression of a chin that has also grown vertically, this It was a result that I didn’t want and I don’t like. It creates a face that’s too long. Furthermore, the chin turned out too wide for my face type. I’m attaching a photo of the implant.

In summary, the implant managed to give me greater symmetry and forward projection which I desired but I am not satisfied because it increased the vertical height of my chin and the width too much.

1) Making a new implant with the same shape but reducing it by 25% in projection and width, i.e. making a projection of 10mm instead of 14mm and reducing the width of the chin by making the front part of the chin straight from 3cm to instead of 4cm Could I get the effect of a less long face?

2) Will the 3cm straight front part of the chin make my chin look pointy or is 3cm an acceptable measurement to have a straight and squared chin but not too wide? I would like a chin similar to the one in photo 1

3) After 8 months, can the grafting of a new implant that is 25% smaller than the previous one cause ptosis of the chin or will the soft tissues shrink?

Thank you

A: By looking at your implant design it was very clear that it was going to add vertical height….as that is exactly what it was designed to do. (obviously unrecognized beforehand) Your implant follows the line of the inferior border downward whereas it should have been turned upward particularly when a big advancement is being done. This concept would need to be incorporated into any implant design. Whether it is 8 days or 8 months reducing chin implant size/projection will create some loose soft tissue chin pad which may need to be tucked from the submental approach.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon