WIll My Child Need Scar Revision For Her Cheek Laceration Injury?

Q: Dr Eppley, I came across this page while doing research on scars. My 6 yr old daughter had a traumatic injury to her left cheek about three wks ago. A face laceration in the shape of an anchor, right in the front of her cheek. As her parent I was and still am very upset that this has happened to her. Not only for cosmetic reasons but I’m worried about her self esteem later on. I’m hoping it will heal better than I can imagine. Currently we have seen two plastic surgeons and they had me in tears with their negativity. I was wondering if you could look at her picture and have some advice. When or if the time comes, we plan on doing what we can for her. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you with your expertise.

A: I obviously would have to see pictures of your daughter’s scars before rendering an opinion. But having taken care of many hundreds of facial lacerations to children over the years, what often looks very discouraging and grim early on can go on to heal, either just by time or plastic surgery scar revision, to look much better than one would have ever thought. She will have a residual scar for sure but the goal is to see how minimal it can become. The cheek area can be a difficult area for scars because it is a bony prominence and is under some tension. But the healing potential of young growing tissues is significant so there is no reason to be discouraged no matter how it looks right now.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana