Will My Brow Bone Augmentation/Reconstruction Resorb Over Time?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had an accident when I was 16 that resulted to a dent between my eyebrows. I had a surgery to elevate that dent 10 months ago and it was done by my neurosurgeon because my frontal sinuses were also indented. My forehead now is improved but I can still see a slight dent which is very acceptable. My question is if the bone cement on my forehead will deplete overtime resulting to a more indented forehead again?

A: What you had sounds like an outer table fracture of the frontal sinuses, also known as brow bone fractures. Because this portion of the forehead has only a thin layer of bone in front of the underlying air-filled frontal sinuses, it can be pushed inward with a significant traumatic force. This buckling inward creates the outward appearance of an indentation of the forehead just above the eyes. When a delayed repair is done, it is much easier to build up the contours of the brow bones that it is by repositioning the displaced bone. This is done using any of the available cranioplasty materials. While I don’t know what type of cranioplasty was used for your brow bone augmentation reconstruction, none of them are resorbable. They all are stable biomaterials that do not degrade over time. So your current result will stay stable throughout your lifetime.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana