Will My Breast Tissue Grow Back If I Have It Removed?

Q:  I have had two mastopexy procedures for my breasts with gamma radiation for hypertrophic scars. Which was great but funny enough I was a flat chested as a teenager and loved it. I am now postmenopausal and without a gall bladder.  I weigh 170lbs although others say they cannot tell.. My breasts have now grown from a B to a D again and I want all the tissue removed with a very small implant placed. If all the tissue is removed please tell me they won’t grow back again.

A: As a general rule, once one has most of their breast tissue removed (commonly known as a prophylactic mastectomy), it does not grow back. This would be particularly true if one is now postmenopausal. With little breast tissue present, the risk of capsular contracture after breast implant placement is higher. For this reason be certain that your breast implants are placed in a submuscular position.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana