Will Matristem Help The Appearance Of My Facial Scars?

Q:  Hello Dr. Eppley, I was reading some of the information on your site about the use of Matristem (Acell) in scar revision. I was wondering if the several scars on my face from a previous auto accident, including a small raised scar (keloid?) would benefit by this treatment. In my readings I see that it has been used on fingertips and other body areas but it is not clear to me how useful it would be in the face. I really want to do something about these scars on my face and lessen their appearance. Thanks for your time in answering my question.

A: I think it is important to understand that Matristem, nor any known agent, has magical properties in either wound healing or in preventing scar formation. It should be perceived as a potential adjunctive material that can be incorporated into other scar revision strategies. Because it comes in powder form, it can easily be used in traditional open scar revisions done by excision with or without some type of geometric arrangement. Its benefit is that it encourages healing with less scar formation than may otherwise occur. Whether it would produce a better result (scar appearance) than scar revision alone is theoretical but appealing nonetheless. I have used it in numerous types of face and body scars and some open wound problems. Since it is has no known side effects or negative issues with its use, there are no drawbacks to adding it to the scar revision approach. When it comes to problematic scars, every available advantage is needed to get the best result.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana