Will Liposuction Help Me Pass The Tape Measuring Test?

Q: Dr. Eppley, At the age of 23, I am in the Navy, and I have always had a tough time with the tape measuring. I was doing some research for liposuction reduction on my butt, thighs, and waist, so I wouldn’t have to worry about the measuring around my hips and waist. And I came across your website. I live in Florida, but I can get time off to complete a liposuction surgery. I was just wondering how much the procedure would cost? Thank you for your time and please reply.

A: I am very familiar with the tape measuring that is done to pass a fitness test as that is the number one reason most people in the service have liposuction in my practice. So your request is not a rare one. How effective that would be in your case, how much fat could be removed and what that would cost would depend on what your areas look like. In other words, what do I have to work with and how big are they? If you can send me a few pictures of the areas in question that would be very helpful. In the interim, I will have my assistant send you an estimated cost based on what I would envision the areas to look like. That may or may not change based on a review of any pictures you would send.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana