Will Jaw Angle Implants Help Me And What Can Be Done For a Bad Rhinoplasty?

Q: I have a steep angle from the back of my jaw straight to the chin. It looks very odd to me although no one else seems to notice strangely enough. I know it is not very common in women but I think a jaw angle implant would work well to make this look better and give my face more balance in profile.
I also have issues with a very bad rhinoplasty as you will see in the attached pictures. If you could simulate a nice straight nose with a nice narrow tip and not so ‘turned up’ I would very much appreciate it Out of interest, is it possible to make the sides of the nostils narrower to give the appearance of a narrow nose or is that not really worth it?
 Attached are a couple of pictures they are not great but I don’ t have any digital pics. Thanks for giving me an opinion.

A:  As you surmised, on reviewing your pictures, you do have a high jaw angle and a steep mandibular plane. I have done some imaging which demonstrates the effect of a vertical lengthening jaw angle implant.

 From a rhinoplasty standpoint, your nose shows a bulbous tip, a pinched middle vault and a still wide nasal bone area. The side view shows too much upturning of the nose and some nostril rim retraction. I have done some imaging with a rhinoplasty that includes nasal bone narrowing, middle vault spreader grafts, tip narrowing, tip derotation, alar rim grafting and nostril narrowing. This will give you a more balanced and narrow-appearing nose.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana