Will Intraoral Chin Reduction Cause a Witch’s Chin Deformity?

Q: I was wondering if an intraoral chin reduction could be successful if I don’t have much soft tissue. I know if the mentalis muscle is disturbed it can cause sagging but if it is properly tightened back together could this still happen? What is the likelihood?

A: When the chin bone is shortened from inside the mouth, the muscle is not only detached but now an excess amount of soft tissue results. In other words, there is too much soft tissue for the amount of bone left. That is what creates a chin soft tissue sag or witch’s chin. While tightening up the muscle back to the bone is effective for very small chin reductions (that aren’t noticeable), such muscle tightening will not work for more visible chin bone reductions. The extra amount of soft tissue must be shortened (removed) as well as tightened. So the answer to your question is that intraoral chin reduction is usually a bad idea no matter how well the muscle is retightened. Only a submental (under the chin) approach can adequately remove and tighten the loose soft tissue that is created from chin bone reduction.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana