Will Infraorbital Implants And A Midface Lift Improve A Round Eye Appearance?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I really need your advice, I have a problems with my eyes. There are very round, there are always dry and the corner of my eyes there is no fullness. (no arch shape) . My questions is are infraorbital rim implants right for me? Should a midface lift be done with the infraorbital implants? Please send info to my email please get back to me if you can.

A: To best answer your questions, I would need to see some pictures of your orbital/facial area. Round eyes with too much scleral show can be improved by tightening  procedures at the corners (canthopexy) which may alone offer an improvement. In some cases of round eyes, there is laxity and/or a lower eyelid malposition contributed to by a lack of underlying skeletal support. That is where infraorbital rim implants can be helpful. By providing skeletal augmentation and a push upward to the lower eyelids, lower eyelid tightening procedures can be more effective and the lower eyelid position better maintained in its new position. This is also the role of a midface lift, to provide soft tissue support to the lower eyelid. By definition, infraorbital-malar implants produce a midface lift by the displacement of the soft tissues.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana