Will Implants Fix My Facial Asymmetry?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am reaching out about a few implants. I am looking to create a more masculine and symmetrical appearance on my face. 

From what I can gather myself (I’m no expert of course) I would guess that the infraorbital implants would be the most helpful to my overall face structure, and I am also very interested in a chin implant. 

As for the jaw, I am just curious what would provide the most cost-effective symmetry. Do you think a jaw angle implant on my significantly weaker side would be helpful? 

I truly appreciate any feedback and your time. I am looking forward to hopefully meeting you! 

Info – 24 Y/O Male, have had Radiesse in the chin, cheekbones and jaw.

A: Thank you for your inquiry and sending your pictures. Your face has some significant asymmetry where the right side is overall lower than the left. This accounts for every feature asymmetry that you see from the vertical orbital dystopia (VOD) to the jawline asymmetry. Your lower eyelids also have significant retraction and scleral show. This when looking at infraorbital and jaw enhancements here are the basic concepts:

1) Any attempts at infraorbital augmentation must be accompanied by lower eyelid repositioning with canthoplasties and spacer grafts. With the VOD custom infraorbital implants would be needed to address the bony and eye differences between the two sides.

2) While you can have a chin implant by itself, any efforts at correcting the jaw asymmetry requires a custom jawline implant. Just trying to place a jaw angle implant on the weaker side always just magnifies the asymmetry because the problem is not just in the jaw angle area, it is the whole side of the jawline that is asymmetric. Optimal jaw asymmetry correction requires a complete jawline approach.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indian