Will Implants Fix Asymmetric Breasts?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a recent consultation with another plastic surgeon and that surgeon believes I only need augmentation, no lift necessary. I am somewhat asymmetrical so I need about 50cc more on the right side. I want silicone implants placed under the muscle. I am a paramedic so I have recovery time concerns, but think I will have no problem recovering since I am very fit. The size I had looked at were around 420cc/480cc, but think I might go just a little bit smaller. I am basically a B-cup on the right and a C-cup on the left, but lost size and volume after breast-feeding three children. Fortunately, my nipples are in a good position still and I am not too droopy, just lost my size and fullness. I am 34 years old and weight 145 lbs, but I am an extremely fit size 6. Thanks.

A: The key factor in determining the need for a breast lift is where the nipples are positioned. If they are above the lower breast fold still, then an implant alone will suffice and no lift will be needed. With asymmetrical breast sizes before surgery, placing different implant volumes is common. But be aware that this may improve the asymmetry but it is unlikely they will be perfectly matched after surgery since they are other tissue factors that affect breast size other than just breast tissue volume. (e.g., skin envelope) Most breasts are asymmetric for multiple reasons and a breast implant only addresses one of them.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana