Will Iliac Crest Implants Preclude The Placement of Buttock Implants Later?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in M2F body contouring procedures around the hips and waist to provide for a more feminine presentation. I have been using a padding technique to create the appearance of typically feminine curved hips for years, but find that the logistics of keeping them secured limit my options to high-waisted and knee-length clothing which are not compatible with the hobbies I enjoy like swimming and dance.

My primary goal would be to add visual width to my hips between the iliac crest and the greater trochanter regions in a way that creates a natural-looking curvature from the waist down through the outer thigh. Secondary to that would be to create a more defined waistline with a gentle transition from the ribs without significantly reducing my waist measurement. I understand that a smaller waist would provide the appearance of larger hips by contrast, but I am concerned that reducing the waistline would also emphasize the larger ribs and shoulders in an undesirable fashion.

My questions then stem from the potential options to meet those goals:

-I’ve read about augmenting the iliac crest with an implant onto the bone structure, but how far down into the greater trochanter would that impact?

-At the current time, I’m not interested in augmentation of the buttocks, but if that changes in the future would it be possible to perform a fat-transfer or implant augmentation once the hips have been completed?

-Would a partial removal or reshaping of the lower ribs be appropriate to lengthen the waistline and ease the transition from the ribcage?

-What would be your professional recommendation on how to achieve the desired results.

A:In answer to your questions:

  1. Iliac crest implants augment the crest only, they do not extend below the crestal bone., In other words they augment one and only area of the upper hips.
  2. Iliac crest augmentation does not preclude future buttock augmentation efforts.
  3. Lower rib removal does not lengthen the waistline as they are not visible ribs.
  4. Where you put the padding is your proven method of the desired area of augmentation. I would have to see pictures of what that padding looks like and where is placed on you to determine what procedure(s) may replicate that effect.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon